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2008 - present Webmaster/Podcaster, Blog for the podcast Deconstructing Comics. The podcast began in 2005, published via the Global Comics Network site. I program, record, edit, and produce the podcast.
2006 - present Webmaster/Podcaster, Site promotes my English study books and includes a weekly podcast, written and produced by me.
January 2002-November 2013

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

University of Maryland University College Asia

Yokota AB, Tokyo, Japan

Rejoined UMUC in January 2002; promoted in August 2002 upon departure of previous Coordinator. Managed content of university Web site. Continued writing/editing/layout/Web layout of Asia View and other print publications (including many ads for print publications) in InDesign CS6 on Mac OS X. Participated in development of marketing plan.

2002 - 2012 Webmaster, Kurofune Antiques
2001 - 2010 Webmaster, Executive Travel
2001 - 2008

Webmaster, Global Comics Network. Created Web site devoted to comics. Primary content was my own comic strip, The Crazing Spider-Hag, and comics discussion podcast.

May - December 2001 Web Site Content Manager

Nippon Digital Communications, Tokyo, Japan

Participated in various activities in building dot-com distributor of Japanese investor relations news in English. Wrote news stories, searched for and contacted prospective recipients of our news, and tested new database application. Examined many different Web sites and became more familiar with standards of interface design. Utilized HTML knowledge, learned a bit of XML.

May 1999--
April 2001
Communications Manager/Editor

Tokyo American Club

Tokyo, Japan

Edited 64-page members' magazine and many other information vehicles for members, making extensive use of MSWord 2000 and PageMaker 6.5 on Windows 98. Magazine responsibilities included writing some articles, assigning and editing articles, determining placement of in-house and outside ads, trimming articles for space, and preparing materials to be sent to production company. Created new sections for Club Web site and helped plan reorganization of site. Oversaw assistant and three designers in Communications Office, who made posters, signs, forms, and other graphic communications.

Sept 1992-May 1999 Administrative Assistant of Publications

University of Maryland University College Asia

Yokota AB, Tokyo, Japan

Wrote, designed, and edited newsletters and forms on Windows NT personal computer, making extensive use of Word Perfect 5.1 and PageMaker 6.5. Coordinated, wrote, and edited newsletter for students, The Asian Marylander (1995-1999), and prepared newsletter for uploading to Web site. Wrote and designed a guide to Japan for the university's American faculty.

1986-2000 Founder and Director, Society of International Friendship. Organized and run club devoted to international issues and communication. Wrote, edited, and laid out quarterly newsletter, Satellite, using PageMaker 6.0 on Macintosh Performa 578. Created World Wide Web site of newsletter articles and organizational information.

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