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While buying a skullcap for her nefyew Tweeter, Gray Barfer was bitten by a radioactive spider, making her


By Tim Young

Chapter Ten

Note: The first nine chapters are currently unavailable. The art in them is so lousy you probably wouldn't want to look at them anyway. Please accept my apologies and this attempt to get you up to speed:


Gray Barfer, aunt of noted Catholic priest Tweeter Barfer, seems to be nothing but a weak old lady. Little does anyone know that she has the power to climb walls, and can be seen swinging around the city on her fish net, tracking down villains and escaping from the men in white coats.

In the episodes preceding the one presented here, Spider-Hag has been unwillingly shoved into the midst of the Dew Fork City mayoral campaign, a hard-fought battle between the Stingpin and Pizza Girl for the position being vacated by the retiring Mark Zalotte. Stingpin forced her to work for him by slapping a large band on her wrist, which acted as a tracer and punished her with jolts of electricity if she didn't obey him. However, while stuck inside a Space Invaders arcade game, Haggy allowed the invaders' missiles to destroy the band.

Hapless Mafiosi Rossetti and Valentino, fired by the Stingpin for failing to capture Spider-Hag, were hired by Splatverian ruler Dr. Boom to -- you guessed it -- take on Spider-Hag. While battling Haggy in the Jolly Plaid Giant Avocado Canning Plant, Dr. Boom's orange juice (squirted from his fingers) reacted with the avocados and caused an explosion which blew him and the two Mafiosi to Wood Kingdom, one of the fabled TP Islands. King Wood has introduced Dr. Boom to TP Islands President Paul Bear. As they meet, a mysterious, equine figure is watching them...

Still in Dew Fork, Haggy has happened upon Pizza Girl's campaign rally at Atomic Park, and decided to stick around, seeing as how they were offering free beer. A daredevil stunt was being staged to attract people's attention: Pizza Girl's overweight associate, Bruse Carlson, jumped his moped over 40 spray tubes of mega-minty Binaca breath spray. Unfortunately, he didn't get enough momentum up, and fell onto the Binaca sprayers, causing them to explode!

There's plenty of other background information and inside jokes to be explained, so this story is annotated.


Spider-hag was created in March 1978 in Centerville, Iowa, as a backup feature for KYVR Press' THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN magazine. The episode presented here was written and drawn between 1987 and 1989, in pencil with coloring in magic marker, crayon, and colored pencil. It was intended to be published in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 24, which was never completed. After this thirty-page episode, no more Spider-Hag was drawn until I finally got back into it in 2003, when I started Chapter 11.

If you think you can stand it, click here to read Spider-Hag!

Spider-Hag and all characters copyright 1978-2005, Tim Young/Bowl Comics.
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