Spider-Hag Character Profile #5:

Rossetti & Valentino

Known by Spider-Hag as "those Mafia airheads," and with good reason; they're such idiots, they don't even know how to speak English with Italian accents; that's why they just add "a" to the end of every word.

First seen assisting Hex Hoother, then hired by Stingpin to catch Spider-Hag. When they accidentally caught Bruse Carlson instead, they were fired. Next Dr. Boom hired them, again to fight Haggy. During a fight at the Jolly Plaid Giant Avocado Canning Plant, there was an explosion which blew Boom and the two Mafiosi to Wood Kingdom. The Big Boss tracked them down there, tortured them with Richie-less Happy Days episodes, and then ordered them to catch Spider-Hag -- OR ELSE!

Favorite comic strip characters: the Thompson Twins, in "Tintin"

Favorite Shakespearean characters: Rozenkrantz and Gildenstern, "Hamlet"



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